Stop wasting time and money trying to contact businesses that don't want your services.
Find those that do easily and affordably.

at Linked Pro Leads  

we will deliver hundreds of qualified prospects to you every month through  LinkedIn. 

We guarantee that, by using Linked Pro Leads, you will increase your sales by a factor of 10.

here is our strategy

  • Optimization of your business and personal LinkedIn profiles.
  • Zeroing-in on the specific market or industry you choose. 
  • Writing target messages to send to 400 targeted prospects a month.
  • Three follow-up messages to any prospects that do not respond.
  • Removal of inactive prospects.
  • Adjusting the monthly messages if you choose to change your pitch.
  • Creating an ever-growing database of qualified leads.

We will connect you with  the prospects so you can begin a personal conversation and close the deal.

Linked Pro Leads gives you hundreds of verified leads and businesses looking for what you have to offer. 


We guarantee the growth of your company by making the right introductions for you.


We ask a three-month minimum for our service, you can cancel any time after that.

With hundreds of satisfied customers, we are pretty confident that you will stick around with us.  


Take a look at our video and then get in touch with us for a free demo of what Linked Pro Leads can do for you.

this is our two-part stratagy
which goes as follows:
Monthly Prospect Program

where we will:

Meet Osher Maman
Born in Israel raised in the USA, after graduating high school in 2010 I made Aliyah back to Israel to join the Israeli Defense Force - 12th Battalion of the Golani Brigade. After completing my service I decided to stay in Israel and make a living here. Fluent in both English and Hebrew. What I do is help businesses who want to expand without paying so much money on advertising, as well as helping companies interested in having exposure to the US market. With my strong connections in digital and online marketing of over 500 businesses in the US, your business is guaranteed to flourish. If you want to take your business to the next level please feel free to message me. Let Me Help You By Boosting Your Business!
Linked Pro Leads sprang from Social Connect. Whether connecting P2P (people-to-people) or B2B (business-to-business), my incredible team and I share years of experience in social media, marketing, and lead generation through Linked Pro Leads and, for more in-depth marketing campaigns and ideas, through Social Connect.
Everyone at Linked Pro Leads looks forward to helping you and your business correct problems, save money, and achieve stunning results through the power of social media. Reach out today to start building a more profitable tomorrow.
"were only going up from here"
We Are Helping Business Owners Turn Connections into Customers Without Spending a Dime on Ads.
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Client Reviews and Testimonials
Patrick Valtin
Read More
Great work - I got leads the first day of our campaign and I also got great professional connections from the get-go!!! I highly recommend Batya's services
Dr.Orlando Cedeño, DPM
Read More
I Moved my practice to Florida and before even started i already have many doctor that i can use as a referral base
Dr. Elizabeth Fox, MD
Read More
In the first week I have had 9 folks I'd call "leads'' and 5 others engaged enough to have me place them in my CRM as a referral base. I am pretty jazzed."
Jeremy Johnson (JD), CEO
Read More
"I wanted to check in regarding the outreach for SWFL areas. I think it's been overwhelmingly successful. I cannot keep up with the messages."
Dr.Mike Elvise Calderon
Read More
"Since launching in July, 2020 I was able to connect with over 2700 dentists …"
Kelly Capolino - Realtor
Read More
"I've recommended your service to an entrepreneur organization with chapters all over the world. I made the announcement at a global event last week."
David Lee Jensen ,USA Rapid Test
Read More
"Since launching yesterday I have 20 leads to follow up on already…"
Fred Wyttenbach, P.A.
Read More
Great work on the First start of campaigns! I have 13 Potential leads to follow up on already. I am looking forward to checking my LinkedIn every day!
Dr. Scott Barnett, DMD
Read More
The most concise and accurate way to describe Batya is “The Best”. I’m so happy and actually proud to be working with Batya and she has been a fabulous resource for our practice.
Dr. Shahin Safarian
Read More
It has been an absolute joy working with Batya this past year. She truly is an expert on social media and will be very upfront with you. Thank you Batya for all your help in helping my businesses grow.
Increase Your Sales
By a factor of 10, guaranteed!
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